ICR News
ICR completes 25000 audits in Jan. 2012 since its inception in India ICR awards receives a huge response from SME of different sectors at different places in the country ICR is soon planning to become associate member and get registered with AIMA, CII, FICCI & D&B, NABCB Hot Brand from ICR becomes fastest growing SME award in its category Referral scheme of ICR is big hit among its existing customers ICR donates 1% of the Certification fees of every client to provide education to poor children

About Us

ICR India is a leading global provider of professional services to organizations worldwide, offering the latest in management systems certifications and promoting quality concepts to prepare the industry for a globally competitive business environment. It is widely recognized by international and national authorities through various accreditations. A key strength of ICR India is its parallel portfolios of services across the area of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety. Our marketing office is located in New Delhi and corporate office at Meerut and various associates across the country.

ICR India Certifications Pvt. Ltd. SIGNED AN AGREEMENT WITH ICR International Certification Registrar Ltd., Korea in 1997

ICR India acts as Business Partner of ICR International Certification Registrar Ltd. for the performance of services in the field of assessment of management systems and provides ANAB accredited certificates through their auditing. Established in 2001, ICR is a commercial, enterprise, specializing in high-grade technical consultancy, inspection, testing and certification in over 15 countries around world and has issued more than 15,000 certificates for product and quality management systems.

ICR Korea is accredited by ANAB for providing ISO 9001 and 14001 Certifications.