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ICR completes 25000 audits in Jan. 2012 since its inception in India ICR awards receives a huge response from SME of different sectors at different places in the country ICR is soon planning to become associate member and get registered with AIMA, CII, FICCI & D&B, NABCB Hot Brand from ICR becomes fastest growing SME award in its category Referral scheme of ICR is big hit among its existing customers ICR donates 1% of the Certification fees of every client to provide education to poor children

ICR Awards

ICR Award is organised by ICR India Certifications Private Limited. Into its 10th year, ICR continues to recognise and honour Indian brands that are developed and managed effectively through various branding initiatives.

With the increasing number of homegrown brands becoming established household names, achieving this esteemed mark of success is certainly a significant milestone in the branding journey of any local brand. The Award also serves as a yardstick for SMEs to benchmark their brand equity against their competitors.

Having established itself as a prestigious branding Award that local brand owners strive to attain, ICR Awards continues to be an effective platform for companies which aspire to become sterling brand names in Indian to fuel their expansion plans abroad.

ICR Awards comprises five main Award Categories to meet the demands of the market, namely
  • ICR - Hot Brands
  • ICR - Promising Brands
  • ICR - Established Brands
  • ICR - Heritage Brands
  • ICR - Special Merit

For each Award Category, Winners will be chosen, with the exception of ICR - Special Merit.

Since 2008, the ICR has played a pivotal role in encouraging local companies, especially the small and medium sized enterprises, to embrace brand building in their business strategy. To date deserving brands have passed the stringent judging process to win the ICR. Many are household names in India today.

In this Commemorative Book, we salute some our past Winners as they share their success stories with us. Many had overcome adversity and displayed great courage to soldier on. Firmly believing in the power of brand building to grow their business, these brands are indeed champions that ICR is proud to be associated with.

We thank all past Winners and participants for sharing their branding journey with us and we wish them every success in their endeavours ahead.

Qualification Criteria:
To qualify for the ICR Award, the participating brand (called the 'Brand' henceforth) must satisfy the following Criteria:
  • The Brand must be owned by or operated under a local registered private limited company (including partnerships, limited liability partnerships and sole-proprietorships), public-listed companies, not-for-profit organisations, government-linked corporations, or institutions. Brands under a foreign franchise are not eligible.
  • The Brand must have its origins in India.
  • The Brand must adhere to the criterion of each of the following Categories:
    » ICR Hot Brand
    » The Brand must be established between 2 and 10 years
    » ICR - Promising Brands
    » The Brand must be established between 1 and 5 years*
    » ICR - Established Brands
    » The Brand must be established between 5 and 10 years*
    » ICR - Heritage Brands
    » The Brand must be established for more than 10 years
    » ICR - Special Merit
     For government agencies and not-for-profit organisations that have been    established for at least 3 years
  • The Brand must show evidence that branding has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the Brand.
Members of the ICR Award Organising Committee must not have any direct or indirect interest in the Brand.

The final eligibility of the Brand will be subject to the discretion and approval of the ICR Award Organising Committee.

All Participants will have to submit their Brand proposals in accordance with the Judging Criteria for the respective Award Categories.

All proposals, supporting documents and payment should be directed to:
ICR India Certifications Private Limited
Paharpur Business Centre,
21, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110 019
Tel: +91-11-26207750, +91-9358-123456

Points to Note:
  • It is the Brand's responsibility to ensure all necessary proposals, supporting documents and payment are received timely by ICR.
  • ICR will not be responsible for the loss of any Award-related documents, materials or payment.
  • The Award's rules and regulations will indemnify the ICR Organising Committee, ICR Judging Panel against all losses arising from a breach by the Brand and/or participants.
  • All submitted entries indicate consent to the Award's rules and regulations. The ICR Organising Committee, ICR Judging Panel and Award Secretariat have the right to reject or disqualify the entry, should the entry fail to comply with any of the Award's rules and regulations.
  • ICR Winners will be accorded the right to use the Award logos, symbols and trophies for promotional or publicity purposes, on the condition that no modification is made to the Award logos, symbols and trophies. They are to be represented in a dignified, respectful, and proper manner, with accordance to the corporate identity guide and subject to the approval of the ICR Organising Committee.
  • The ICR Organising Committee reserves the right to use the Brands for promotional or publicity purposes either directly or indirectly.
  • The ICR Organising Committee reserves the right to remove any inductee from the ICR - Hall of Fame, if the Committee considers in its sole and absolute discretion that it is necessary or desirable to do so for the purpose of maintaining the integrity and/or reputation of the Award. The ICR Organising Committee's decision on any such removal is final and each inductee agrees to accept any such decision of the ICR Organising Committee as a condition of its induction into the ICR - Hall of Fame.
  • All decisions made by the ICR Organising Committee, ICR Judging Panel and Award Secretariat in all matters relating to ICR shall be final and binding.