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ICR completes 25000 audits in Jan. 2012 since its inception in India ICR awards receives a huge response from SME of different sectors at different places in the country ICR is soon planning to become associate member and get registered with AIMA, CII, FICCI & D&B, NABCB Hot Brand from ICR becomes fastest growing SME award in its category Referral scheme of ICR is big hit among its existing customers ICR donates 1% of the Certification fees of every client to provide education to poor children

Other Manufacturing & Services

Other Manufacturing & Services
Quality control is an important component of manufacturing. In the highly competitive current scenario, consumers do not hesitate to procure alternative products when they deem others below acceptable standards.

In the manufacturing industry, products are produced in accordance with a standards set of rules and procedures. Strict adherence to these procedures leads to quality improvement. Many manufacturers have embedded standard sets of practices into their systems to ensure quality. This leads to the elimination of wasteful procedures. An effective quality control system continually monitors product quality according to established standards and removes any undesirable deviations, brings about reduction in rejection, efficient execution of product plans, control over non-conformities, and increase in customer satisfaction.
The following are ICR services for Other Manufacturing & Services Sector

Quality Management System
The ISO9001certification aims at providing a global standard that spells out quality and trust. It is a quality management system standard and is applicable to all type of organizations.

Environment Management System
A system compliant to ISO14001 is a management system dedicated to manage the environmental issues of an organization.

Information Security Management System
A certified Information Security Management System compliant to International Standard demonstrates that information is suitably protected. ISO has developed ISO27001 standard in order to overcome the information security shortcomings in organizations.

Occupational Health & Safety Management System
OHSAS18001 is a globally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management system and defines the health and labor protection system of an organization. An OHSAS18001 certification establishes an organization's commitment to provide a safe working environment to protect employees & other concerns.